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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5: panic from an oakland police officer after a shooting i just got shot at! >> right now at 5:00, panic from an oakland police officer after a shooting. new details on the gunfire that almost hit the officer. nbc bay area news starts now. good evening to you, thank you for joining us tonight. terry is off tonight. we do begin with new details on that breaking news we first brought you last night at 11:00. an oakland police officer reportedly out of the hospital tonight after being shot at, but not hit while sitting in her patrol car. nbc bay area pete saratos is live in oakland. hearing the 911 call, very
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chilling. >> reporter: police are still looking for this armed and dangerous suspect and tell us this officer who is a female and supervisor was shot at, but not struck with a bullet. we know that she was taken to highland hospital for medical treatment, but oakland pd says that she has been released. according to oakland police, it all went down last night at about 90s 30:00 p.m. this was after the officer was involved in a car collision near the 1900 block of 73rd avenue. shortly after, the shots were fired fired, but like i said, shots were fired, but she was not struck with a bullet. here's a clip from the dispatch call as she called for back-up. >> i'm at the liquor store! [ inaudible ] i just got shot. >> we're coming. just tell us where you're at. [ inaudible ] i just got shot! >> reporter: now oakland police do not have any details to add
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at this time, and they don't have a description of the suspect, but of course if you have any information to help with this investigation, contact oakland pd. we're live in oakland, nbc bay area knew. >> all right pete, thank you very much. now to the south bay where a san jose police are investigating another homicide. it's been an especially tough and violent year for the city. police now searching for a killer after a man was stabbed to death on second street just a few blocks from downtown, san jose. we are there joined from san jose with the response from the neighbors. they say they're surprised mary-ann, right? >> reporter: yes. and witnesses tell us that it appeared that the victim was a young man in his 20s. when officer ace reporting lived here shortly before 2:00 this morning. they found a man suffering from at least one stab wound, he was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. neighbors here are rattled. >> i'm getting chills that i never would imagine because at 2:00 in the morning, or
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supposedly around the time that it happened. i was in my bedroom right across the street, sleeping at 2:00 a.m. and someone was getting murdered right across the street. >> reporter: the name of the victim has not been released. police say no suspects have been identified so far. this is the city's 28th homicide of the year. and you might remember that just last weekend, there was another stabbing in san jose, not far from here, a 49-year-old man was stabbed to death on first street. reporting live in san jose, mary-ann fabro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. family in san jose lucky to be alive after they suffered a horrible car crash earlier todayed. look at this here. this happened on the expressway at about 11:30 this morning. you can see the entire top of the car sheered off. crews here told nbc bay area that when they arrived they thought the accident was deadly. after firefighters got there, they removed layers and layers of the smashed car. everyone in the car was alive
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including two children. this is a saturn by the way. the only serious injury is a broken leg. all four are expected to be okay. well uber is now banning a driver accused of sexual assaulting a passenger. the woman told investigators that the 59-year-old driver requested that she sit in the front of the car. he then locked her inside, touched her leg several times and then kissed her even though she demanded that he stop. police suspect there could be more victims. people living in the path of a destructive wild fire in monterrey county are packing up. than they're getting ready to evacuate as the flames burn out of control. other buildings are now threatened by the wild fire. it's burned about 10,000 acres south of karr mel. the neighborhood is under a mandatory evacuation in several other communities are also under evacuation warnings. they could be told to leave at any second. right now there's only 5% containment, almost 800
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firefighters are there, include manager from the bay area. and smoke from the fire can be seen in san jose. take a look here from our tower cam. this is the south bay tower cam. you see the haze here has been creeping up over the hills and has you drive over to 80 south into the san jose area. rob, you can kind of see that thick layer of smoke. >> especially south as we head on 101 south to san jose and interesting here on the radar, the smoke column and the plume itself rising tall enough from the radar atop the mountains that the radar scan is picking up the fire itself. that is not rain, but rather smoke particles suspended in the air and some ash. the radar beam intercepting that and when the fires grow especially fast in that updraft within the central part of that column plume rises high to the sky could candidate some rapid growth and development. we saw it jump to 10,000 acres. the temperatures now are in the midup toer 60s. sea breeze picking up, the reason why the snoek is drifting to the south bay, east,
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northeast, as we head towards tomorrow morning. air quality issues from this fire will shift down towards monterrey as a surface winds will be out of the west, northwest. closer to the bay area, it's not smoke pollution, but heat-driven during the course of the day as the chemical soup that's in the sky gets baked by all that solar energy. we see the ozone giving us the spare the air day on east bay and south bay. the heat continues. concord, 101 degrees, 97 in livermore. we're also seeing a few signs of relief. not giving it anywhere where it's 9. degrees. san jose right now, temperatures into the 80s, but check out san francisco, you have the fog rolling back in there as the saez breeze tries to pick up a little bit of strength for one day. this is going to impact the monday forecast. differents fall higher again. seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. and today a political bomb shell. the chair of the democratic party today agreed to resign
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after a scandal over leeked e-mails just one day ahead of the party's convention in philadelphia. nbc bay area's steve handlesman is live in philly tonight. steve, terrible timing for the clinton campaign and everybody talking about debbie wasserman schultz. >> reporter: especially bernie sanders people, peggy. look, they've been saying for months how they look, the delegation selection sprosz corrupt. that's their term. the whole way bernie sanders got denied and hillary clinton got the nominating angers bernie sanders supporters. they say it has not been done fairly. they've been saying for months democratic national committee, supposed to be completely neutral was not and now they say they've been proven correct. backers of bernie sanders demonstrated at philadelphia city hall. >> feel the bern. >> reporter: ready again to fight for the nomination after the wikileaks revelation that
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democratic party staffers secretly helped hillary clinton. >> and now we know she's a liar and a cheater, why would you ever put that person at the top of the democratic ticket? >> reporter: disgraced by the leaks, party chair debbie wasserman schultz agreed to resign after the democratic convention. where sanders said on "meet the press," he will not challenge clinton. >> what we have got to focus on as democrats is defeating perhaps the worst republican candidate that i've seen in my lifetime. donald trump would be a disaster for this country, he must be defeated. >> reporter: sanders backers are also upset that clinton chose virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate, not progressive enough, they say, but most delegates like kaine, a former party chair. >> i'm excited. i think it's a great pick. >> reporter: on "60 minutes," clinton and kaine differed on crooked hillary. >> i don't call him anything. and i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on. >> when i see this, you know,
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crooked hillary or the lock her up, it's just ridiculous. it is ridiculous. >> reporter: trump's tone and character will be a main target at the convention. now just to clarify, there is no direct charge that debbie wasserman schultz was involved in this. and no charge that hillary clinton was directly involved in it. but peggy, think about it, if it plays into three things, the charge that clinton is too establishment, at least that's the charge of sanders people make, the charge that she's corrupt, and don't even mention e-mails anywhere around hillary clinton. so it's a triple piece of bad news for her going into this convention. >> well it's interesting too how different bernie sanders's response has been. his reaction this morning even after seeing the e-mails is we must defeat trump. he's sort of the anti-ted cruz, his response to the whole debac debacle. >> reporter: right, that's exactly right. i think democrats think bernie
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sanders is more of a party player, oddly enough because he really wasn't a democrat because he ran for the democratic presidential nomination, but he's not taking the ted cruz devisive approach that the republicans are plagued with. he has said, flat out, i still endorse hillary clinton, what we've got to do is focus on donald trump and you heard him say because trump would be terrible for america, but sanders' people, in this convention and surrounding this convention are furious, they are still demanding that the superdelegates, the top democrats and the super delegates won't be allowed to operate like they do this time in the next election cycle. that's been one product of the bernie sanders candidacy. they're still demanding the super delegates flip over to him and somehow he can win, but he doesn't think he can and he's not pushing to try to win. >> interesting. so much is what the sanders campaign was claiming while they were campaigning. very interesting, great report, thank you so much, steve. well despite the drama heading into the democratic national convention, positive
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news for the clinton campaign today. former new york mayor michael bloomberg will endorse hillary clinton. bloomberg is expected to make a case for clinton as the best choice for moderate voters. it is an unexpected boost for the campaign. bloomberg was elected mayor of new york as a republican. he later became an independent. and he's been very critical of donald trump's move during the election process. the stage is set in philadelphia to get under way tomorrow. you can count on nbc bay area to bring you some coverage of the democratic national convention. once again, the dnc starts first thing tomorrow morning. coming up next at 5:00 with, new details on the deadly shooting rampage in munich. what a manifesto is now revealing about the 18-year-old gunman. and not taking any chances. heightened security in france that has travelers new developments tonight in that
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mass shooting at a mall in munich, germany. the gunman had apparently had planned the attack f and new developments to bring you tonight about that mass shooting at that mall in munich, germany. the gunman has been planning ate tack for over a year. officials say that the 18-year-old who killed nine people on friday was obsessed with mass shootings. today munich police started questioning a friend of the shooter who may have known about the attack plans. meanwhile some people in munich say they no longer feel safe in their city. >> i am feeling different. i'm feeling strange and i'm feeling not safe. not safe enough.
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and it's very strange feeling for me. it's a new feeling because in general munich is a very, very safe city. >> a memorial is growing outside of the mall where the shooting took place. people are leaving candles, flowers, and also toys in memory of the young victims. meanwhile in france, a bomb scare today at a festival led to an extensive three-hour search before police gave the all clear. security in france is heightened following the deadly truck attack in nice. increased security has the borders all stalled as they check different trucks and vans and individual cars. french officials have expanded border checks at a state of emergency continues. officials warn today that drivers face waits of five hours or longer to the channel tunnel, the chunnel to cross over into grease. >> no information. we don't have internet. >> really frustrating there for those people. some were there so long they
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slept in their cars. coming up were more people told to leave their homes as the wild fire in southern california continues to grow out of control. we're going to show you the fight here to get this under control. and also a deal to get a star pitcher on the mound for san francisco giants could be falling flat. the roadblocks now that the team's running into. shifting winds are the flanning
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flames. new evacuation orders for a massive fire in southern california. winds are fanning the flames causing a lot of new issues and
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evacuation orders for that massive fire burning in southern california. this is video in from just a few hours ago. this is where the sand fire is burning in santa clarita. you can see a terrible situation here at this one house that completely burned. many homes have been destroyed. about 18, in fact. flames have scorched 22,000 acres. it all started on friday. it's also killed one person. our meteorologist is joining us now with the microclimate forecast. across the country we talked about this yesterday. the heat intense and certainly here in california. >> and it's really just an accommodation of several factors making that southern california fire at it's worst right now. temperatures in one part of the story, hot weather up and down the state, but check out the humidity levels, and downtown l.a., 23% and into the teens around the hills there north of l.a. and on top of that, the worst part of our drought, the exceptional, the worst severe in southern california, across the hills towards santa barbara, and that is where the fire is
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burning. again, this area still dry, but not as dry as the conditions we're seeing into southern california. notice the high temperatures again tomorrow going well above 100 degrees north of downtown l.a., not much relief from the heat, in fact the heat is about to gets a bit hotter for folks in southern california and the bay area as we approach the middle part of the week. speaking of hot, how about 97 degrees here after 5:00 in livermore, humidity dry, only 21% into oakland there, you can find relief from the heat. sea breeze reaching the inner portions to the east bay now down to 68 degrees. san too, 828 degrees, not too bad if you're having outdoor dinner plans. take the jacket now in san francisco. 65 degrees, low clouds, misty skies, and short term, a resurgent marine layer. marine air going up from 1,000 feet to 1400 feet now coupled with the sea breeze means tomorrow morning, we'll see more low clouds a bit further inland, even towards the tri-valley and more likely for the strait and
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into san jose by 6:00 tomorrow morning. and then during the day tomorrow, low clouds on the coast and a stronger sea breeze means monday will be the coolest day of the next seven days in the forecast very likely. winds staying on shore, 10 to 20d miles per hour right now. and fortunately across the inland valleys tomorrow, that wind not enough to stir up the air enough to prevent a spare the air day tomorrow. it'll be a spare the air day for monday. worst air quality in the east bay including the tri-valley and south bay for tomorrow. but you may notice the temperatures running a little bit cooler around the inner bay. 84 in san jose. 60s closer to san francisco. and you can see the temperature trend around mountain view tomorrow. not too bad. upper 70s in the forecast. upper 60s for the north bay. numbers in the 80s with the south winds picking up. patchy low clouds for the morning, 80s and 90s across the tri-valley for tomorrow and concord we think probably topping out maybe closer to 90
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for tomorrow as a sea breeze keeps things cooler just for a day. then here comes high pressure again, and look how quickly the temperatures rebound on tuesday. so one slight day of cooling, but look at san francisco, heading towards the 70s on tuesday and wednesday, great week to visit san francisco. that will be the relief from the heat because check out these inland temperatures, tri-valley and south bay, peggy, tuesday into wednesday, and maybe thursday, very close to 100 degrees inland, back to you. >> oh my goodness. very hot. thank you so much. coming up, the giants may be coming up short and landing a new closer and also a teaching pro who will soon be playing with the pros. the story of this bay area man getting ready to play with the big dogs. that's coming up next. the san francisco giants want
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another arm for the bullpen. but looks like they won't be
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getting a highly coveted player. vo the giants are reportedly out of the running to trade for the san francisco giants want another arm for the bullpen, but looks like they won't be getting a highly coveted player. the giants are reportedly out of the running to trade for yankees closer, chapman. now the thought is the giants would have to give up too many prospects to get this deal done. the major league baseball trade deadline is one week from tomorrow. because of the olympics in rio, the final golf major of the year has been moved up by about two weeks. the pga championship normally in mid-august will now be taking place this week. all of the big names will be there as for a local pro you maybe never have heard of, here's nbc bay area's colin rush. >> all right, we're done. >> reporter: spend a few minutes getting a lesson from mitch lowe and he'll make you feel like you can play in next week's pga championship. probably because that's what he'll be doing. >> heading in jersey.
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>> reporter: that's right. three weeks ago, the 49-year-old golf instructor qualified for the 98th pga championship. big deal, right? not to him. lowe also qualified in 2009, 2010, and 2012. he remembers fondly his debut and now a certain star treated him then. >> you know, justin rhodes was -- i told him we were walking down the fareway, and i was like i can't wait for another shot because it sounds so good. that was the purest sound i've ever heard. the guys out there are tremendously nice. >> reporter: maybe that's why he'll have no nerves on the first tee. >> let's get going. >> reporter: he's one of 20 pga professionals heading there, he, like the others, have a similar goal. >> making the cut, yeah, yeah. playing the weekend. i think for the club pros, even though a lot of us, a decent amount of playing background, at this point, you know, where our jobs are either teaching full-time or maybe running golf
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shops or maybe overseeing entire facilities, if we can play the weekend and be there on sunday when they encounter champion, yeah, yeah, it would be. it would be great. >> reporter: in 2020 the past championship come to mitch's home away from home, ppc harding park. think he'd have some course knowledge? >> i didn't grow up here been but it's kind of my hometown now, who knows, four years it might be right here. >> reporter: and that could be his best story yet. in san francisco, colin rash, nbc bay area. >> amazing. well music to our ears and it was free. beautiful tunes flowing from a san francisco pier today. that's coming up next. when its hot out... how about a
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symphony by the bay. this has to be the coolest spot here in the bay area for a
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couple of reasons. a beautiful symphony here by the bay. music fans packing a lawn in san francisco to hear a free concert by the san francisco symphony. probably nice temperatures there and they played a bunch of different russian music. so symphony fans there a real treat, especially free and cooler. >> that's really nice. >> nice idea. >> and that was the best place to be in terms of the weather today. temperatures inland, still in the 90s, but you can see as we head over to san francisco right now. fog taking over. we have numbers in the 60s, but let's see you hop on the station, head over to dublin, pleasanton and you have to find shorts and flip-flops towards livermore. 97 degrees and much like the trend we saw today, start off tomorrow morning with low clouds and after the temperatures tomorrow, just a little bit cooler around the south bay and inland east bay. but here you go, seven-day forecast shows san francisco temperatures on the rise. tuesday and wednesday been but it's the interior valleys for those numbers really start to climb. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. you will want more of those free
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symphonies by the piers there at san francisco. >> very cool. good idea. coming up next, nbc nightly news will be back here with local news at 6:00, see you then.


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